1 - Create Platform Paths

Click on the seven types from the Toolkit and position them in your scene. Then, craft the paths to your desired scope and shape. From simple to complex, linear to curved, basic routes to twisting and turning configurations, all are created fast and efficiently. Mix and match types in your scene.

2 - Customize Platform Appearances

Apply the Toolkit to change platform sizes. Drag and drop your sprites and animation clips (no Mecanim required!) to customize platforms. The Toolkit can auto-size and trim colliders on platforms, making implementing size changes effortless, or use the Toolkit to easily switch collider types to integrate irregular or unusual platform shapes.

3 - Customize Platform Behaviors

Rapidly set platform behaviors like speed, direction, pausing at waypoints, looping, ping-ponging, vanishing after a certain amount of interaction or distance, and more, so you can try out variations and playtest them using the Toolkit's built-in player object (or assign your own player object).

NOTE: Controls are optional and are used to affect platforms during gameplay.

4 - Create Controls

Click the Control selections of the Toolkit to create controls that manipulate one or more of your platforms. Position them in your scene. Mix and match control types freely.

5 - Customize Control Appearances

Set each control to be invisible or visible to players. Drag and drop your sprites and animation clips (no Mecanim required!) to customize visible ones. Click the Toolkit to reveal the reach of your controls to see at a glance what platforms and other controls they are impacting.

6 - Customize Control Behaviors

Easily craft interactive controls that power platforms on and off, alter their speed and direction, make platforms appear and disappear, trigger up to ten additional animations for each platform, or cause platforms and other controls to reset. Assign specific requirements to activate, making controls that only react to certain objects or to the press of a keyboard character or game controller button during contact.



Easy to Get Started

No required coding - select, click, drag, and other basic actions swiftly create even intricate platforms and controls.


Mix and match platform types and control types for a myriad of combinations to vary your level layouts.


Incorporate your sprites and animation clips easily to customize the look of your platforms and controls to suit your visual goals.


Optionally, assign platforms and controls to send their status to your own scripting to further integrate them.


A small footprint for desktop and mobile builds without sacrificing functionality.


One-time purchase gives you free access to any and all updates.


Simple to implement for purposes beyond platforms. Need doors that slide up and away when a player grabs a key? Or hazards like buzzsaws and spears that pop out when a player draws near? The Toolkit easily works for these kinds of game design scenerios.

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